The Diary of Anne Frank

68 years ago today, she wrote:

Saturday, 15 July 1944

…………… I have one outstanding character traits that must be obvious to anyone who’s known me for a length of time: I have a great deal of self-knowledge. In everything I do, I can watch myself as if I were a stranger. I can stand across from the everyday Anne and, without being biased or making excuses, watch what she’s doing, both the good and the bad. This self-awareness never leaves me, and everytime I open my mouth, “You should have said that differently” or “That’s fine the way it is”. I condemn myself in so many ways that I’m beginning to realize the truth of Father’s adage: “Every child has to raise itself”. Parents can only advise their children or point them in the right direction. Ultimately, people shape their own characters. In addition, I face life with an extraordinary amount of courage. I feel so strong and capable of bearing burdens, so young and free! When i first realized this, I was glad, because it means I can more easily withstand the blows of life in store. I guess because I have such self-consciousness. I constantly felt that I’m split in two. One that I present to the world and the other, the finer, deep thinking “me”.


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