3 Years Ago Today?

Copied from my old blogpost.

13th July 2009

Well, 2nd semester had finally starts. I’m doing 4 papers this semester. One in psychology and 3 other papers in sociology. Ya, I know…….in fact….if you ask me years ago….I’ll never think that I’ll be doing something that relates to science or history. Talk about life and fate, right. Weird!

And, looking back now, I noticed and remembered how I actually felt back then. I remembered thinking where the hell would I be with my kind of attitudes and seeing lots of other friends who did outstandingly in high school.

I always think, “wow…those are the people who would be somebody and live a marvellous life while, ….me…….. I’m still figuring life out. Totally screwed up. ” But, now looking at them, I was surprise that most did not pursue the most of what they had and rather move on to another stage of life. Meaning just being happy with a career in hand, get married and have kids. Or should I said they are moving back into the expectation of the society. There is nothing wrong with that. Totally nothing wrong. It’s their choice and this is mine.

And, me again…..ya…..still figuring life out. Hahhahahaah!


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