Winter Trip of 2009

I was away right after my exams for the Winter break. I was so looking forward to it. And, now 3 years later….sigh! It felt like a faraway dream that seem like it never happened.

Anyway, during the 2009 Winter trip, I managed to travel the South Island. Pretty Cool, actually. I have to say we were pretty lucky most of the time with the weather and we were at the right place, at the right time.

Started off from ……..

Dunedin – 23 June 2009
then to
Shag Point
A stop at Moeraki Boulders

– I would said it’s definitely one of the spot never to be missed. It’s so funny to see this big round stone on the beaches. I was pretty lucky to have been there just before the high tides and just before sunset. So, managed to see the round stones on the beach and later on, being half covered by the sea water and had a beautiful sunset view. Which was totally amazing. Already a great start of the holiday.

More info on Wiki.

Lake Tekapo – 23 evening to 24 June 2009

– Reached here pretty late in the evening so couldn’t exactly see much anymore. But, waking up the next morning for just magnificent. The view of the lake and the mountains in the distance. It was just breathtaking for me. I was just lost of words to describe how I actually felt. And, sometimes, I wondered and probably tempted to pinch myself to make sure I am not going to wake up suddenly and realised I was just dreaming.

Nope…I wasn’t. It’s all real.


Oh, ya, before I forget, I would say spending an afternoon at the Lake Tekapo Hot Pool is a must do, here. You would have the best view ever.


 Mount Cook

– And, again….we reached here in the evening. Can’t even see what’s in our surrounding. But, it was cold. Stayed at the YHA Mount Cook. It’s really nice. After transferring the photos, we just went to bed early.

I remembered waking up because of the brightness from the window. I opened my eyes to see a pink, reddish sky. I seriously thought I was dreaming and I didn’t have my specs on….The sky was just unbelievably surreal.

Waking up to this kind of sky, I feel like asking where have I been living all this time. Does this kind of sky actually existed?

Nonetheless, the surrounding was as beautiful as the sky.

Did our first walk which was called the Hooker Valley Walk.

Lake Pukaki

– Sigh! I really have no idea how to put it into words…It was just breathtaking….Seriously….Really felt out of the world…

Lindis Pass

– This was just the view on the way to Wanaka. But, totally magnificent. In fact, you know what, I am just totally out of word to use already here….. Just see the photo and let it speak for itself.


– The stop for the night. Wanaka is somewhat like Queenstown. Lots of youngster all heading to the Ski Field. And, we stayed in Purple Cow Backpacker. I wouldn’t say it’s bad. It’s actually really good if you are much younger like at 18-21. Most of the crowds there are at that age. Loud, drunk and crazy………

Basically, a small town….it’s more of a stop for those heading to the Ski Resort. But, overall it was just ok for me.

 West Coast

– The way there was not exactly as expected. I was expecting more of coastal drive but, I guess we were wrong. Nonetheless, the view was different from what we had before. But, it’s still an experience.

Franz Josef

– This is where I did the Glacier walk. It was expensive. I mean for my student budget but no regrets. I totally enjoyed the guided walk. Ya…it’s a tourist thingy but, it’s unavoidable because, you are not allowed to go up without an experience guide or you might just get lost.



– It’s used to be a Gold Mining Town. But, seriously, there is nothing much here anymore. But, we had no idea and we arrived at 7++pm. And, it’s dark already. Basically, we stayed here for the night…

To be honest…..I felt I just landed in some old American desert motel and someone is going to appeared out of nowhere and kill me…..:P!

Seriously, it does felt that way at that time.



– A Jade town. Didn’t do much here. Was just stopping by for lunch and continued our journey.


– This is where the Pancakes Rock and Blowhole is located. We stayed in a nice backpacker here. Belong to a Swiss guy. It’s call Punakaiki Beach Hostel. I really like it here. Cozy, Clean and Cheap. I would definitely want to go back there if given a chance again.


– Most people don’t go here because it’s totally out-of-the-way. But, we just wanted to see what is it there. And, did a few walks too. Oh, here we actually spent the night in the car. hahahah…It’s pretty cool actually and we cook in the open by the beach. The experience was totally unforgettable except for the unbearable sandflies. Arghhh! Those bloody thingy! Hate them!


– One of my most unforgettable city. I actually got knocked down by a pajero….Shhh! Don’t tell my mum!

Yup, I was in fact, got knocked down by a pajero…And, good thing my friend was fast enough to pulled me, if not….hmmmmm…..I might just have gone to heaven or hell. Basically, I was pulled away fast enough but, the Pajero still knocked into me towards my leg area. So, I fell and couldn’t get up because, firstly, I kind of don’t really remember what happened for a second there and secondly, my right leg was totally numb. And, I had my first official ambulance ride with siren to the emergency ward.

They did tons of x-ray on me. And, thankfully nothing breaks/cracks. So, I was release on that evening. Sigh! But, wasted my day. And, because of my leg…we have to cancel our walk to the Abel Tasman National Park.

Hmmmmm! Me and my luck! Anyway…..


– We actually did a longer way to head towards Picton coz we wanted to do the Mail Boat Cruise here. It’s actually a licensed NZ Post rural delivery service by water. It was a real cool experience. Well, I enjoyed it coz I have walking a lot on the start of the trip and it’s a nice change to just relax and chilled while enjoying the view.

And, here I witness the most beautiful sunset ever…probably the best….so far of my 27 years of life. Totally just gorgeous. It felt as if where have I been all this time. Make you feel on top of the world, too..


– Did the Whale watch here. I would surely this is one of the must do highlight. We saw Sperm Whale 3 times on the cruise out. 2 of the same whale. And, the other highlight was, I guess we were all really lucky to witness the migration of the dolphins. We literally saw hundreds of them swimming together heading north. Cool experience.

 Hanmer Springs

– I have to say, I was kind of disappointed. I was hoping for the hotpool like the one in Lake Tekapo but, it isn’t. And, it’s packed with people. All around was people. Really touristy.

Christchurch – 11 & 12 July 2009

-My last stop before heading back to Dunedin. I do like Christchurch. But, I didn’t do much because we were kind of rushing and managed to just do a few things. Anyway, the plus is that it’s near to Dunedin and I can always come back.

Finally, back in Dunedin. I wouldn’t say I am not excited for my classes to start. I am looking forward to it but, I am kind of just not ready. Sigh! I want a longer holiday.

The Travel –



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