Have you ever felt “Happy and Content”?

Have you? When?

He who is contented is rich. – Lao Tzu

I have! TODAY! 

I have not felt this particular combination of feelings in such a long time. I don’t even remember when did I last felt it. It was indeed overwhelming. I’m feeling both being happy and content today at the same moment. And, it was an amazing feeling.

I think human sometimes oversimplified emotions. We cannot just say we are feeling angry, sad, love, happy and etc. How about all the other combo of emotions. How about angry but sad at the same times? Can we clearly put it down into words?

But, my point was I was feeling both such a strong emotion of being happy and content plus a hint of satisfaction. I felt my heart pumping so hard and making me light-headed. Do you want to know what happened?

It was simply because I made a child really happy today. It was as simple as that. Yay, I know. You will wondering how and why would  me making a child really happy today, be making me happy?

First you need to understand the work I am currently in now. I am working with children from high risk and high need environment. Some are from a low socio-economic background, some are from violence background, others from abusive environment, those living with foster families, and so on. I think you get my work scope somehow for now.

Anyway, I managed to make a child, “K” feeling more relax about going home compared to last week and he was opening up slowly to me. It is not easy for child to trust an adult seeing the background he/she is from and to expressed his/her feeling. So, with just a little effort, I promised “K” to make a Tumeke book (an incentive & goal setting book that we do with them) for his little toy puppy. As promised, I make his puppy a wee Tumeke book and explained to him that some adults do keep promises.

That wee book for his toy puppy was causing him to SMILE as if he has won a lottery. He was beaming from ear to ear. His eyes were glowing and smiling along. To see such a child that is often withdrawn and anxious to smile that way was too precious to even put it down in words. He and his puppy (which he imitates the puppy voice) was thanking me in such loving way. I was overwhelmed. I didn’t expect that outcome. I just wanted to encourage the boy to open up (give him a channel to express himself) and to learn to have more confidence and to trust an adult again.

But, the result from such a small trivial effort was totally unexpected. It really make those days where I felt that I can’t do much for these children seem so far away.

Through “K”‘s smile, I felt so ALIVE today and am ready to take on another day of challenges.

Thought for the day:

If you want to feel happy and content, do what you believe in not because you have to. – Noora

The more passions and desires one has, the more ways one has of being happy. – Charlotte-Catherine


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Adventures of Twins says:

    What a beautiful post! This post made me smile…thank you!

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Thank you for reading and glad you enjoyed it.


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