Changing my room for the view

Yup, I have decided that I want a room with a view plus it’s a slightly bigger room too.

I was initially placed in Room 4. And, it was slightly smaller and the down side with the room was that it’s facing the driveway. I hated it that I can’t draw my curtain because I hated the feeling of being watch whenever someone passes by. And, the other thing was I am quite a light sleeper. Any noise from the driveway would just wake me up and I don’t think that would be healthy for me long-term. I need enough sleep in order to be on top of things.

D’ Room – Am still adding personal touch to it

Now that I have swapped room. I am in Room 5B. With a view and more privacy. I think I am liking this room much more. It’s nice lying in bed being able to see the cloud goes by as if the world is just moving without you in it. If you get what I mean.  Sipping hot cocoa and watching the snowy mountain.Life can be just that simple and sweet!

The world outside my window

5 Comments Add yours

  1. VampireM says:

    Nice green view !

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      ya…and lots of birds too. i like it.

      1. jyhedgehog says:

        and thanks for dropping by, VampireM

  2. Michelle Leanne Bunt says:

    Sipping hot cocoa and watching snowy mountains!! Like!!

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      yay…I know….
      great rite? just to unwind… 🙂 i think we all eventually need a space (a bubble) for just US to be us

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