Managing and juggling with work expectations

Whenever we start a new endeavour in life, we are surely to have expectations. Or at least a perception of how certain things would be. I believe that how it is met is also very crucial to how we do in the organisation that we are in.

Are you struggling with expectations? Because I know I do. And, knowing those expectations, managing it and juggling with it, of coz be aware of it; is important for one self.

And, these were and are MINE:

Expectation ONE| I know I did when I first got this job. The obvious expectation is of course, the salary. Not that I am expecting a huge pay but I was wondering if they would pay me the minimal or lower than the general because I’m not local. This was clearly clarified when I got my contract. The thing I’m most happy about was that the whole salary structure depending on everyone’s role based upon one’s experience and qualification was clearly stated on my contract. That was already a positive start.

Expectation TWO| I wanted an ongoing career growth and be encouraged to go for trainings to improve myself. On these particular one, it’s hard to have an actual answer now because I currently have mix feelings about it.

WHY? Firstly, when I first came into this job, I thought I would be properly and well-trained with all sorts of skills, therapies techniques, interventions by professionals needed for me to perform effectively for this job scope. However, I found out that I don’t really get the trainings for those skills and techniques that I thought I would. But, on the upside, we are given the autonomy to come up with our own programmes that we think are suitable to work with. So, in juggling in my expectation, I was given the autonomy that I actually do in fact appreciate more. However, because of the sort of the job I am in, I do not have much confidence yet in myself which I hope I would eventually gain over time.

As for personal career growth, so far, I think the organisation had been really supportive. Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to explore “Psychodrama” as a form of therapy and I requested to attend the event and my supervisor said “yes”. So, that is definitely a PLUS for me eventhough I have only been here for 2 weeks.

Expectation THREE| Office Politics: Yes, I HATE hate HATE hate (I can’t stressed enough) that I hate office politics. Unfortunately, I think this is something no one can ever escape from if you are working in any sort of organisation. There will surely be groups, clique, preferences, and yes, the fact that we are all human with different personalities and differences. Some cope better than others. And, some are just way too outspoken about it. Or is it just women? Hmmmmmmmm!

I like to call the first few days, the honeymoon period where is all smiles about staffs, hand shaking, lovely greetings and everyone seems to be unusually happy. LOL! But, trust me, everywhere you go, it will pass. Mine came on the fourth day where I start identifying groups, cliques, who is attacking who, who is the verbal one, who is the quieter one, who is the gossipy one and so on.

If you are seeking for advice while reading this, I would say keep quiet and observe. Learn everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. I like to use the term, just watch the movie unfold itself to you. Don’t be too quick in wanting to fit by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. I think the smarter person should be the one observing and learning.

Do it like how the animal kingdom does it, when a lion chooses its target, the lion waits for hours/days/weeks just observing. Until the lion is sure who is the friend or foe.

Expectation FOUR| I was wondering about the structure of the organisation. How open are they? Are they consistent? Are they rigid with their rules? What is expected?

Again, these were met with mix feelings. The first thing I noticed were inconsistency in the routines. Every staffs do it differently and I need to learn to find my own ways and the middle ground. I guess the main thing is to get the core routines done and it doesn’t exactly matter how I do as long as I do it. I guess that shows how much autonomy and trust I am getting from the organisation.

But, one thing I really wish was there were more workstations (PC) for staffs to use rather than us waiting for other staff to be done with theirs. When a lot of our time are needed to do care plan, assessment, reports, daily observation and others on the intranet. That is a pain.

Expectation FIVE| Work balance meaning the timing of roster? So far, so good. Working either 6.45am-3.15pm or 1.30pm-10pm. Still trying to get my body clock to adjust but the timing is reasonable for me for now. Will see how when the workload increases.

Expectation SIX| This is a hard one to write. To be honest, I expected more of the people in the organisation (sorry, I can’t explain this) but, all I can say I overestimated things and it is not what I thought the staffs would be like.

Why did I decided to write on this? I think it is always good to know what our own expectations are, company expectations and what we get so that we can adjust or align our expectations and values when appropriate in order to achieve a better healthier work life. 

This post also served as a reminder to the future me of what I had expected from the organisation and what had changed.

Oh, I didn’t expect this but the view around work is spectacular. I love being in the nature surrounded by the mountains. Photo attached and taken two days ago.

The above post are written solely based on my experience and observation not related to anyone (dead or alive).


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle Leanne Bunt says:

    beautiful photo! and so true about expectations. i’m dealing with this very thing right now. has been stressing me for past couple of weeks because i’m working in a group, and i had strong expectations walking into it. just today i have decided to let go of the need for these expectations to be fulfilled and let what happens happen. now that i have done this i’m feeling way better.

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Thanks Michelle. And, thanks for following my blog. Yes, I entirely agree that we should know our own expectation for own well being. And, yes, it certain situation, it is healthier to acknowledge the expectation and let go. 🙂 And, I’m glad you feel better.

  2. I share a similar sentiment about office politics myself! I’m fortunate to now work from home which allows me to focus on work and stay out of that mess, but I know it may not always be that simple. You’re absolutely right that staying quiet and observing a situation is the best way to first understand it.

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Oh, lucky you. Unfortunately not everyone had such an opportunity. But, who knows I might start my own business too. 🙂
      Yes, my own personal mantra is always observe. You tend to learn more than those who thinks they know it all. LOL!

      And, thanks for dropping by my blog, Stephanie.

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