One Lovely Blog Award

The Orient Diary was awarded with “One Lovely Blog Award” by Jo and Anika (the gorgeous twins) from Australia. You can read more about their lovely blog at

I have just finished work yesterday evening when I had a notification in my email about being nominated. At first, I was like, ” Oh…what is this about?” and to be honest I was exhausted from work and I was kind of down. Long story short:

The award came just at the right time. It kept me off from thinking about work and I was thrilled and excited. For me, it’s a big deal to be recognised by other bloggers for my blog. I never thought someone else in other part of the world would be interested in reading my ramblings about life, travel and everything else. Nonetheless, I am honoured and you, girls (Jo & Anika) really made my day. And, now I’m even more motivated to continue writing whenever I can.

You know, at times you just need to give a little bit of love or kindness to made someone’s day just a little brighter. 

Anyway, thanks again, girls. And, I am paying it forward by nominating these amazing people who write so beautifully and expressing their thoughts and everyday life through their amazing photos.

One| Knowthesphere – Life & Philosophy

Two| mango.shenanigans – Awesome Photography

Three| The Blissful Adventurer – About Travel & Food

If you choose to accept the award, here’s how to keep the award going:

  • Share who gave it to you with a link back to their blog
  • Share seven random facts about yourself
  • Nominate other bloggers by paying it forward
  • Let them know 
  • Display the award on your blog

My Seven Random Facts 

1| I curled up when I sleep.

2| I am pretty much a technology geek and love trying out new applications.

3| I love pineapples but am severely allergic to it. My mouth gets swollen and my tongue would bleed.

4| I am currently working with children aged 6-12. And, nope, I’m not a school teacher.

5| I am a garlic freak. I think I cook almost everything with Garlic.

6| When I was a kid, my first ambition was to be an archaeologist. I wanted to explore Egypt and dig dinosaur’s bones. 😛

7| Last but not least, I constantly have itchy feet and I love (absolutely love) travel and adventure.

So, there you are. My nomination and random facts. Thanks again Jo & Anika.

Have a great day, people!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Adventures of Twins says:

    Congrats again! We’re proud of you and of your accomplishments, and I’m glad that the award reached you at a time you needed it the most. You’re right – love and kindness is enough to brighten up someone’s day 🙂

    P.S my first ambition was also to be an archeologist, but then changed my mind into becoming a lawyer because I wanted to carry a briefcase Lol!

  2. jyhedgehog says:

    A briefcase? LOL! You just got me giggling there for a second. 🙂 Oh, after my archaeologist ambition, I wanted to be an astronaut. Go figure!

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