It’s my off day today. So, decided to just be a lazy bum and watch a movie. The choice of the movie was unintentional but I’m glad I chosen it. Flipped was so simple, sweet and just so innocent. It’s not cheesy nor it’s over the top. I think the scriptwriter and the director did a great job in presenting the movie in this way.

Flipped is a romance story between two young kids told in two voices. Each present his/herself’s thoughts and opinion showing each other’s perspective of the same situation. I genuinely think the story was perfectly crafted with a great storyline. 

I really love the story and would highly recommend it to anyone who want a simple yet, such innocent romance. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling at the end of it and wishing, “for more”. LOL!

Give it a shot when you are free plus it’s not your typical everyday cheesy unbelievable romance story.


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  1. jess says:

    i think is a simple movie, yes but in that kind of simple they introduce alot of thougths and feelings, its a movie that stays on your mind long after you finished watching it… i cant stop thinking about alll ive learned about this beautiful motion. I love that the director talk about honesty, about love, about growing up in the best way possible.

    1. JY says:

      That is so true. It is a simple and just honest sort of movie. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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