Dunedin to Roxburgh for an interview

Yup, you heard me. I said ROXBURGH in Central Otago. The interview was at 11am yesterday (16 May 2012, Wed).

So, in order for me to have enough time to get my head straight in Roxburgh. I decided to push of early. By the way, the journey was supposed to be only about 2 hours drive and it’s about 150km one way.

This post basically is about my journey there and what I was thinking and feeling at that particular time.

I pushed off at about 7.40am from home. P/S: There was supposed to be a snow storm heading down south. Imagine my feeling. LOL! This is just going to be an interesting day.

Anyway, pushing off from Dunedin at dawn.

I reached Milton at about 8.30am. I was already getting sleepy -.- zzZ  and my tummy was growling. This is not good. I am sleepy and hungry.

Reached Lawrence at about 8.50am so I decided to stop at the rest stop for my breakfast. Oh, when entering Lawrence, you will see billboard after billboard where Lawrence proud themselves for having “Free Public Internet access” and  free national and international telephone calls from their Visitor Information Centre.I was like this is cool. Perhaps, I’ll check out the free wireless at Ross place since I am early anyway.

And, guess what I got.

Oh, well…Never mind. At least, now I have recharged ^_^ and off I go. By 9.26am, I was sleepy -.- zzZ again. I think now it’s because I am full and it’s raining out there. I was imagining my super cosy bed and blanket. This not good. I got to concentrate in my driving and get to my interview. I got to do well in my interview if I really want this job.

Check out all those sheep. No wonder I’m dozing off.

Gosh…I was really trying hard to stay awake. But, after some time, I felt better. And, I just concentrate in enjoying my drive there and the awesome view.

By 9.48am, I have reached Roxburgh. About an hour to go before the interview. I was just hanging out in the car. Doing some last-minute review, reading and preparing myself.

But, I was impatient. I couldn’t wait until 11am. So, I basically just head over at 10.30am. At 10.40am, I was already doing a test. And, there’s the start to the interview.

The interview finished at about 12.30 pm. Ya, it’s a pretty long one.

Anyway, will blog about the interview soon. But, for now enjoy the last 2 pics of my journey home to Dunedin.

Did you notice that the children’s slide is in the water?


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  1. kavalan4ever says:

    nuts… they should be more considerate for you, especially you had to drive 2hr to get there. Beautiful countryside scenery as usual… 🙂 Can’t wait to read your next post!

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Oh, they were considerate already for my point of view. Because, they know I will need to drive back as well. And, the manager mentioned that i might need to stay a couple hours. So, if we start at 11am after say…3 hours , it will only be 2pm. Driving back 2 hours , at least there’s still daylight. 🙂

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