Why I use Washable / Reusable menstrual pads?

And, why I think you should too ..

Seriously, why Not? They are —

  • eco-friendly (Earth friendly) (They do not contribute to landfill as they are reusable and do not contain plastic packaging)
  • money-saving (Do your calculation and see how much you spend every month, you will be amazed. You will notice how much you can save long term with the washable pad in the long run)
  • healthy alternatives (it’s made of natural material and good for you (less lightly to cause skin allergies/rashes/Vaginitis and remove the risk of TSS associated with tampons. It can easily be composted compared to synthetic materials disposable pads and tampons)
  • I heard that it can reduce the scent of menstrual blood – not sure about this but I’ll take note of it the next time
  • + it’s customizable you can make it fun and colourful (lots of patterns and designs)

The initially reason that I wanted to switch was because of the environment. Think about it, girls and ladies. How many pads to we use on average a month? According to the United Nations Statistics Division, the latest available census and estimates (of  2010) for female population were about 6943000000. Of course, some are children and by just taking half of the female population above and time the number of average disposable and unrecycleable pads. I think you know what I’m getting at. What would the earth becomes?

Did you know?

In North America,

  • Approximately 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are sent to North American landfills annually.
  • On an individual level, each of the approximately 73 million menstruating people in North America will throw away 125 to 150kg or approximately 16,800 disposable pads or tampons in their lifetime.
  • Disposable pads and tampons are made primarily of bleached kraft pulp or viscose rayon, the origin of which is wood cellulose from trees. What makes these products perform so effectively is the use of high tech chemicals such as super-absorbent acrylic polymers (SAPs) surfactant-laced gels and leak-proof plastic backings. The long-term health and environmental impact of these ingredients is contentious and largely unknown.

Source: Lunapads

While in the UK,

  • One woman will use over 11,000 disposable sanitary products in a lifetime
  • 22 tampons or towels are used, on average, each period
  • In the UK alone, 4.3 billion disposable sanitary products are used every year
  • These items, their packaging, applicators and backing-strips will end up in landfill or in the sea.

Source: Mooncup

So, after contemplating on the above and seeing the impact I, alone would contribute to the earth. I decided to look for alternatives. Of coz, the best place to look for more information was Google. I key in “alternative to disposable pad” and tons of results came up with Reusable Pads or some call it Washable Pads.

I was like duhhh! Of course! What else can be the best alternatives? I remember my mum telling me that she grew up using cloth pads until she went to work and has the money to buy a disposable one (and a growing popularity at that time)

Washable Pad?? Hmmmmm!  — I was not convince. I was worried about leakage. What if it stain my panties or worse on my dress when I am out. Is it tedious having to wash it? How hard is it to get all those blood out? Is it going to be comfortable? And, I got to say, you have all the reasons to be a sceptic like me.

So, I read and read all the information I can gathered and I was sold. Yup, I was convince but wait. I went and check on the price. Gulp! Pricey! I was like hmmmm….this can’t be right. It’s so pricey for something people made at home. But,it actually take me a few moments to calculate what I had been spending now on disposable and realised that I will eventually save more long term. A washable pad is said to last for 5 years. Of coz, don’t think I’ll use it that long for my own (again, sceptic) health reason.

But, my point was I won’t know until I tried it. During my last trip back to Malaysia, I tried to hunt for it. It’s not easy. It’s not as widely publicised compared to the Western countries. After a long and hard googling, I found a company that sell them. And, it’s 100% cotton. I was lucky that they were having promotion for it and I bought 4 medium size pads + a Pad Pack to store clean or used pads.

What do I think of it? ———— I ♥  it!

  • It straight forward and easy to use. There’s 2 snap button adjustment for whatever panties you are wearing
  • It is not messy as I initially thought it would be. It’s just really the same as using a disposable one but, washable.
  • Really comfortable.
  • Easy to care for (Hand-washed recommended eventhough they said you can machine wash. I guess hand-washed helps to make it more lasting and strictly no softener or bleaching!) By the way, I don’t keep all my pads and wash in one load. I wash each one used during the day during my evening shower.
  • My Tips for immediate washing:
    • Before washing, soak it in luke warm water with mild detergent. It won’t take too long.
    • Normal hand-washed
    • Squeeze your pad gently to remove all access water.
    • Line dried under the sun preferable (it’s a natural sanitizer)
    • To avoid stain: don’t let them dry out!
      • It’s basically like hand-washing your nicer bras.
  • And, I find even going holiday is easier now. I don’t have to stock up few packs for long holiday. Or trying to find them in foreign land. I just got to bring my 4 washable pads and wash it everyday and it’s sufficient. Life is getting easier. (Now, I just need to find a solution for bras – it’s taking way too much space while travelling)

Seriously, I do ♥  it! And, I highly recommend it to all my friends and readers to get them. (BOYS! – You can show this blog post to your lady friends & family and show you care .. ) Of cos, not forgetting to all the new MUMs – consider this not only for yourself but try washable nappy for your baby instead of the disposable ones.  🙂

You can save the earth and save some money. Last but not least, reducing unnatural stuffs from our body.

P/: this review is of my own opinion and experience. Please use it at your own risk! 😛 There are so many brands out there now so get some and try them. Or even try making them if you are good in sewing. I did come across a few websites that teaches you how to make them.

I’ll be getting myself a few more of those soon. Oh! Leave a comment of what you think or if you are using them. Would love to hear your opinions.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. The Adventures of Twins says:

    Bravo for posting this! We have just started using Lunapads and I’ve tried the Diva cup before. Loved them both, and I agree – it’s so much better!!
    – Jo

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      You go, girls! 🙂 You should share your experience too. How’s the diva cup? It don’t look too comfortable actually but it’s just my opinion. So, it will be great to hear what you, girls think?

      1. The Adventures of Twins says:

        The diva cup is fantastic. It’s a little bit harder to get used to because of how it’s worn and the clean up. But once you feel okay with it, it’s very comfortable. You don’t feel it at all and it can be worn for upto 12 hours!! We will definitely write a blog about it…thanks for the inspiration 🙂 -Jo

  2. kavalan4ever says:

    what a great idea! I was prepared to switch into menstrual cup, but not sure if I’d like it. Great minds think a like here – your comments help a lot too 🙂

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      kavalan4ever, just look for Jo’s post on the menstrual cup. Perhaps, you will get a better idea of how it is used and whether is comfortable. But, I know my normal washable pad is really like any normal pad just more comfy and washable… hehehehe… 🙂

      1. Jali says:

        forgot to say it’s me, Jali lol I still haven’t get my head around wordpress – only just changed the username 😛

      2. jyhedgehog says:

        I know, Jali. I get to see ur email address attached to the comment on my side. But, I wasn’t sure if you were trying to be anonymous. that’s why i used the name mentioned. 🙂

  3. jyhedgehog says:

    Jo, somehow the REPLY button seems to have disappeared on your last post. No idea why. Anyway, do blog on the diva cup. It’s actually interesting to hear it from someone who has actually try it. Do explain why it doesn’t tilt too during movement? Did you use it when doing sports? Do you think it will work? hhehehe…just write in your blog. Will follow. Looking forward to it.

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