‘You Are Not Enough’

A great post! Well-said!


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  1. chialishen says:

    That’s an awesome post! Really love her writing style.Thanks for sharing.

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      It is a great post. You should follow her too. =)

      1. chialishen says:

        yeah, reading into her articles more now. Will definitely followed! man I wish I can write that well!

      2. jyhedgehog says:

        You can. Just start a blog and start writing. I believe practice makes perfect. At least, that is what I attempt to do. Eventhough, I don’t write too much nowaday. I’ll try to write whenever I can. You can start by writing about Puss’s adventure. LOL! And Blondie too

      3. chialishen says:

        I had a go blogging of my first couple of years in NZ, but yeah life&work got tougher than I thought so I had no drive to keep writing. And too much complaining in my blogs, which are gad too. 😛 I often feel that blog only belong to the brighter side of minds.

  2. chialishen says:

    I mean which are bad too. 😛

    1. chialishen says:

      not sure why it’s a smiley face for a : P

      1. jyhedgehog says:

        I actually disagree with that. I don’t think blog is just meant for the good and interesting things in life.

        I think blog is a particular good place to release stress too. If you are afraid people know who is writing it and perhaps, you can use a pen-name. I think is very therapeutic to blog.

        To be honest, I blog because of me. Like I said in my profile, I blog because it’s my platform to be me. No social obligation nor social restriction. I don’t care if no one is reading. My aim is not to collect blog fans but if I do, I am thrill too. My only principle for my blog is that I blog as honest as I can.

        And, when I’m not in the mood to write, I just post photos. But, I try to blog often.

        You will be surprised of friends that would suddenly popped up in your life commenting on your blog. I had quite a few of those friends (really old friends) whom I have not talk or seen in ages that pop by and say hai and said that they love my blog. I was amazed. Honestly, the interesting thing was that some of them can relate to what I’m writing but did not write on it. And, they might feel that they are not alone in the world having the same problem.

        You will never know who read your blog and who you might have inspired even if you are just complaining.

        Sorry for my lengthy reply. LOL! 🙂

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