Nostalgia for the Past

Where have the time gone to? 

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I think we have all been there at some point of our life. We all know that feeling when the past seems beautiful and there is an uncontrollable longing to belong to a time that has already passed. The past seems so carefree and young. Oh, yes …. YOUNG! Lol!

Most of us have grown up, built a career, got married or going to be married and of coz, with kid/s. We have travelled, seen the world and matured individually. That is life.

I was just looking through some old photos (some are kind of fading already) and came across these bit of my past. And, Yes, I at times, I do wish I could relive those special moments now and then. It was good. It had been a good part of my life. I met some of those close friends that will be my mates for the rest of my life. Those had been my cherished moments.

Oddly, while looking through these photos, I actually felt more alive and energetic about life. I felt that it had been a worthwhile journey that I took to be where I am today. The people I have met, the experiences that I have gained and the me, I am today.

I guess this post act as a reminder that whatever problem that I have today will always pass and it will be in the past. And, in another 10 years when I reminiscence on today, it will be just joyful thoughts of whom I have met, where I’ve been to and what had I been doing.

Life moves on. Only forward. There’s no reverse gear to it and it is about how we deal with it. It’s good to remember the good old past but just don’t dwell in it.

“How sad and bad and mad it was – But then, how it was sweet!” –  Robert Browning


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