Making Choices

[copied from My Old Post at, July 3, 2010]

I felt as if I kept talking about this topic. But, the fact is this is the normal situation that most people feel or felt.

There are always so many of us who constantly complain about the boring cycle of working life. It’s always a repetition and the job sucks or your bosses are horrible. But, the million dollar question is what can we do about it?

Well, life is about choices. If you think about it consciously, every single seconds of our waking hours are about making choices. From waking up in the morning, deciding what to wear; to taking which road to work; to deciding what to eat for lunch and so on. I guess you get my picture for now.

It’s all about choices, but when presented with the choice and having to make a conscious decision; what would you go for? Would you try something new and maybe something that might change your life or would you just accept it the cycle and blame it on fate?

I think many of us would go with the cycle because it is easier. We are already in our comfort zone and we are familiar with the surroundings. It is so much more scarier to try something new or break the routine. This is because people are always terrified of the unknown. For example, assuming this is the first time for you to try diving, how long would you think you would stand on the platform and contemplate before you decide to jump or not to jump. Some might stand there for a good 10-30 minutes before taking the leap and some might just jump in and make a splash while others might just leave the platform. It is all about breaking the familiar activities, lifestyle and norms.

Well, now the problem is if those people who did not try to jump, they will never find out if they like it or not. Or perhaps, they are the future Olympians. Who knows?!! Or they might break something and never ever want to go on the platform again. Like I said all over again, it’s all about choices.

So, what happened if you don’t take a chance in trying something new? Well, basically nothing. You can just go back to your routine and live your cycle and get bored along the way or you just feel numb and go on living the way you always have.
I’m not saying that we should do something drastic. But, anything to break the familiarity or the cycle to give one a chance to feel alive. Do something different or just break the chain. Just take that baby step and take a risk. Life might be better and happier.

So, what is your choice after reading this? Break the cycle or get on living in the cycle. It is your choice. No one is here to judge. As long it is good by your book and you are happy, that is the most important thing after all.

As for me, my life is always about trying to grab on any chance and/or take the risk so I can get to fulfill my crazy dreams.

Choices are the hinges of destiny.
~Attributed to both Edwin Markham and Pythagoras

What do you think?

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