What define us?

[copied from My Old Post at Blogger.com, July4, 2010]

Thought of the day: 
Have you ever thought what actually define us as us?

As for me, my opinion on this is that our dreams and desires are the things that clearly define us. Differentiating us from the others. Deep down somewhere in us, we have these forgotten dreams or desires that drives us. I believe that it is these dreams that help us make our choices and yet, at times, those dreams are restricted by the society’s expectation and the social norms that make us hide or forget those dreams/desires.

May it be being a astronaut to having a family of ten kids, the dreams have the inner power to shape our lives. It may be well be there to either help us soar or completely destroy us.

You know at alot of times, you might realise this; that quite commonly you and friends have the same dreams or desires. For example: Having the next latest Iphone, the fanciest car, the biggest house so on and so forth. But, STOP! Think about it…Is this truly your dreams and desires? Or is it the dreams and desires of the society’s expectation. Or is it the dreams and the desires of what consumerism had made us into. Whose dreams and desires are we living in now?

Think about it! Probably, spare an afternoon. Go to your favourite place where you can think. A time of your own. A massage alone, a spa or the beach or even in your room. Just you without any distraction. Spare an hour or two. Get a paper and just start scribbling. Anything at all. Do a mindmap, draw cartoons, write, just what ever that makes you do it. It doesn’t have to be anything logical. Just anything that crosses your mind. Don’t focus on the rasional thing. If you have a mental block, think back when you are a child, what do you always pretend doing or while growing up, are there anything that you strongly want to do. Maybe, just to learn to dance. That is a good start. Just pen it down and you might just discovered some hidden secrets to yourself.

I am not asking you to change your whole world but to bring all these small little dreams and desires and fulfilling it. You will appreciate the sense of accomplishment when you have actually done it. Don’t worry if anyone would laugh at you because it’s your dreams. You can choose to share it or just keep it to yourself. If you have a great understanding partner or a friend, you might even suggest to do it together. And, if not, keep this list privately and take baby steps to accomplish it. It is your shoice. However, sometimes dream sharing is a great thing in building up relationship.

I am dreaming of a white Christmas – sigh! Don’t think I’ll get that here in New Zealand.

Anyway …….
So, how about you?


Doesn’t matter if it’s small, big, crazy, mighty big, impossible or just purely spiritual…Give it a chance. You will never know what will come out of it.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Adventures of Twins says:

    I think a lot of people “rush” to accomplish their goals but don’t take a second to contemplate whether this is truly their dream or what society expects of them. I think the key is to be honest with yourself and ask: what do I enjoy and what am I good at? Great post, nonetheless. 🙂

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Exactly. But, I think in certain society you are taught that it is not wise to do what you enjoyed but to follow the norm of the society. =)

      Thanks for your comment

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