Why do we buy and buy, and buy even more?

[From an old post at Blogger.com, Friday, November 5, 2010]

Would you agree if I said …………………….

Bauman (I): Consumption as failed compensation for productive effort
Bauman, Z. (1983) ‘Industrialism, consumerism and power’

Industrialisation is the key discipline of our body (embodiment). When we work, we manipulate our body. We deny the body a degree of freedom. So, it discipline our body in a certain way. So, to compensate, we reward ourselves with commodity. Commodities suggests rewards for work. In other word, consumer freedom. We don’t have freedom in work place, so we buy stuff to satisfied ourselves to find that freedom that we are deny at work. Ultimately, it is not borne out of practise. So, when we don’t feel good after buying stuffs, we buy more and even more to fill that emptiness or to fulfill that believe that we can satisfied ourselves after our hard work. And, we get caught in a vicious cycle. Constantly have to work harder and harder to have all of those. So, do you think cnsumption is a way to individualism?

Perhaps ……..for some but not for me….

So, think for a minute…..why do we buy and keep buying? Are we trapped looking for thy self?


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  1. morris says:

    Capitalism is Corruptilism

    Along with the worship of money, we must throw out all morals and ethics. A religion of Capitalism is foisted on all of us

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