Easter Weekend Camping at Long Beach Day 01

Some Info are from [Wiki]

Long Beach (in Māori: Warauwerawera) is a small coastal settlement in Otago. The nearest small settlement called Purakanui or Purakaunui is located nearby. So, if you plan to google for Long Beach. Google for Long Beach, Purakanui or else your search would not be too successful.

Long Beach is located not too far from Dunedin city about 15 kilometres northeast of the city centre, between Blueskin Bay and the mouth of the Otago Harbour. It’s also a popular rock climber spot for this region.

And, it was also our chosen getaway for the Easter weekend camping trip.

Camping in the cave!
Love the bonfire!
We talked till 3am.
More Fire? And, celebrating Max's 28th Birthday!
Ya, the fella crash our party!

It was a great memorable Easter for me!


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  1. Awesome…love it. What a great experience. 😀

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Ya, it was an awesome experience. I truly enjoyed it. =)

  2. kiswe says:

    I grew up in Purakaunui, and spent lots of time at Long Beach – very impressed you looked up the Maori name, most people don’t bother, Whareuwerawera. You’re brave sleeping in those caves though… rocks fall in there all the time. Looks like you enjoyed it!

    1. jyhedgehog says:


      I usually like finding out some interesting facts, myths, legends or just stories to places I have been to. I even found an article saying that a Maori Princess used to live in the Long Beach Cave but am not sure how factual that is. But, it is still an interesting piece of information that I’ve found.

      I’ve been told that rocks fall in there and still lots of people do it. So, I reckon if it’s really my luck, what can I do. LOL! Just trying to take the positive of every situation. And, yes, I really did enjoyed my overnight easter camping trip. It was lots of fun with great company.

      Cheers (and thanks for reading my posts)

      1. kiswe says:

        Actually, it was another beach (Whareakeake) further along the coast where a Maori princess, called Motoitoi, used to live in cave. How funny you should mention that, I am descended from her…

      2. jyhedgehog says:

        Oppps!! That’s what happened when one rely information from Google…

        And, Wow! descendent of the princess? That is just awesome…..You must have a really interesting family heritage.

        You must be from the Ngāi Tahu, i assumed?

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