The Travel Memories – Rarotonga, Cook Islands

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The lovely vegetarian Island Meal that Backpacker International organised. It was just exceptional tasty. Yum! Yum! Yum! I misses it already…

As some may have already know that I’m in fact afraid of fish. I managed to overcome a teeny weeny bit of my fish fear when I saw this lovely fellow. It’s called butterfly fish! They usually swim in pair. So adorable.

The Cook Island traditional dance is just marvellous. They dance in a very sensual way where the women would sway their hips and the men, meanwhile dance with slightly bent knees, which they knock together in time with the drum beat. Most of the dances are based on stories of old passed down through the generations. Art and performance still remains a crucial part of their everyday life.

Simple things that I used to overlook and not appreciate. Such as papayas which the local call “Paw Paw”. I had paw paw every single day while I was there. Love it!

Tried the tallest burger?! You tell me…. Palace Burger from Palace Takeaway.

The building of a Vaka (Canoe). And, at the same time, a local asked me where am I from and which TRIBE do I belong to? Trust me…I was dumbfounded for a few seconds. I didn’t know what to reply. Am not used to have someone asking me what tribe I belong to….. =P

Lucky for us…we were there to witness the annual canoe competition, Vaka Eiva with paddlers from Aotearoa, Australia, Tahiti, Hawaii, Guam and of course the Cook Islands.

Last but not least…..



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  1. Great report on Rarotonga. We are on the island now and loving every minute of everyday.

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