The Indie Travel Manifesto

I found a fantastic site via my feed today. It pretty much sum up what travel is and should be about especially for people like me.

The site was a joint collaboration between BootsnAll Travel Network and  vagabonding expert Rolf Potts. I think they did a pretty awesome job in defining what travel should and could be about: Discovery, growth & values. The Manifesto is not about telling people how to travel but merely, giving fellow travellers a message of how travel could be like (more constructive & beneficial to everyone) — an opportunity to learn, have fun and embrace life in novel environments and cultures.

Indie travel is about…

  • Replacing Broad expectations with nuanced realities.
  • Seeing yourself in the context of a rich and complex world.
  • Defining your values, exploring your beliefs, and crafting your own meaning for life.
  • Options over possessions
  • Dynamic Possibilities over Static Goals
  • Discovery over Escape
  • Interactions over Transactions
  • Local Information over received information
  • First-hand experience over expert opinions
  • Mental and spiritual growth as much as physical adventure
  • Private transformation over social status and bragging rights
  • The present moment over dreams of past and future
  • Pack light and keep things simple
  • Adapt as you go rather than micromanage in advance
  • Practice caution, but not paranoia
  • Slow down and enjoy an experience
  • Seek pleasure in simple moments and details
  • Make meaningful connections and informed decisions
  • Learn the economic, political and environmental context of my host culture
  • Emphasize listening more than talking
  • Practice courtesy, patience, humility, and good humor
  • Seek to understand – not judge or romanticize – other cultures
  • Give back to the local economy
  • Share what you’ve learned with others

So, how do find these statements? I think it pretty much sum up me. Because …

Indie Travel Manifesto
So, if you think these values applies to you personally, go on over to their site and to Read, to Vote, to Discuss, to Sign to Share it and to Submit your own ideas about indie travel for the community to vote on.

You can also find the website at

What do you think?

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