When Life is not going my way!

It is not easy when life or the near future did not turn out to be as how you foresee them to be.  You wanted “this” and “that” happened. And, now what?

Ya, frustration. I guess it is unavoidable to feel frustration in life. And, nor can we ignore them. Frustration tends to crept up on us when we least expect them to. But, is it bad? I guess it depends. It always come back to you on how would you handle frustration, stress and all the negativity in the world. And, yes, I have learnt the hard way.

I remember being so angry with anything and everything that is in the way especially when things don’t go my way. I blame everyone but myself. It’s hard. I had a bad temper tantrum (I blamed it on my biological father). Anyway, the thing is, it is neither easy for myself nor people around me. I was a  — Hmmmm! — How do you put it? The “Let’s give up on her and leave her” kind of case. LOL! Truly, I would give up on me, too if I was my mum.

The point is I guess I am the luckier girl who has the inner ability and awareness to want a different life.

I think at times, a lot of friends around me think I’m the lucky one. I guess I am but not because I was born with a lucky star shining over me all the time. It is simply that I was and am constantly chasing after that “lucky star” and making it mine. Life doesn’t always look exactly like I want it to, but I try to make it shine as bright as I could.  

Life is what you choose it to be. Life is not fated nor it’s written before you were born. The only thing in the world that you can’t choose is the parents you are born into. Thus, make the full use of it. Because everything else in life, you have the choice to choose the life you want to live.

So, back to my point,”when life is not going my way”. It is truly not going my way now, so what do I do?

Cry — Yes, at times!

Throw angry tantrum — Not anymore!

Brainstorm for possibility — Trying to!

Look beyond imperfection — That’s what I’m doing now!

Casting positive thoughts — Am trying real hard because I believe being positive broaden thoughts. Yet, I still break at times.

Drink — When I’m disappointed! Don’t worry, I’m not a drunkard. 

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. -Lao Tzu

I guess the lesson here is to go with the flow. Sometimes, it’s just better to let go and breathe. We can’t control the universe but what we can do is relax, remembering to breath, feel your own heart beat and start again with new perspective. It’s not hard nor it’s easy. But, I know that will be my focus for now.

Don’t let a relatively small setback ruin an otherwise beautiful day. 

Cheers! ~ Here's to another day!


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