30 Things I’ve Learned, so far

Yup…It’s official. I’m turning 31 this year. Gulp! Welcome to the early thirties category. LOL! It’s not exactly that scary to be honest.

When I turned 30, I was more terrified. Wondering how and where time has gone. But, I figured, age is just but a number and it’s another step in my life. Now that I’m going to be 31, I’ve realised how things in my life has developed. Things that I have learnt over the years and the closer I am to “ME”. I guess it’s part of growing up. I’m growing more and more into myself.

So, to commemorate such an eventful time of my life. I am gonna share with you what I’ve learnt so far in life.


1. What I own do not and will not define who I am.
2. Doesn’t matter how the day turn out to be, they can all be beautiful days, it just depends on how you look at it.
3. A really good stretch can solve almost anything.
4. It’s not your job to make everyone happy.
5. It’s nice to start the day with a friendly smile.
6. Appreciate the little things in life.
7. When you get lost it’s just an opportunity to have an adventure.
8. It’s perfectly OK if things don’t go smoothly, have a good cry and RESTART!
9. Do less, Slow down and Breath. Rushing is never worth it. 
10. Follow your heart, Not your head!
11. Don’t go into debt or loans. Life is more fun without those headaches. 
12. It’s ok to take a risk or feel lost. That’s how you grow.
13. If someone wants to be a part of your life they will make the effort to do so.  Don’t bother saving a space in your heart for people who do not make an effort to stay.
14. It’s not hard to let go!
15. Feelings change, people change, season change and time keeps going.  Don’t be left behind.
16. The world is in your hand. It’s your choice.
17. Learn more skills.
18. Only give good sincere hugs.
19. Books are my best friend.
20. Believe and trust your gut feelings. It have never fail me yet!
21. You don’t have to eat everything on your plate.
22. You’ll never know if you never try.
23. Take care of yourself and your health. It’s yours!
24. It’s ok to be different. In the end, ” I ” matters.
25. There will always be someone who will try to pull you down.
26. Knowledge makes you wiser. Intelligence is not something that you are born with. So, Keep learning!
27. Don’t let anyone crush your dream. People will try.
28. Fear is all in the head.
29. Write down any ideas immediately.
30. Travel makes me HAPPY!

What do you think?

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