FAQ about New Zealand

I tend to get these bunch of Frequently Asked Questions from family and friends. So, here are some of my answers to make life easier as I constantly need to repeat the same suggestions all over again.

But, please be aware that these suggestions are purely based on my liking, experience and my travel alone. Do it at your own risk!


When is the best time to visit New Zealand?

Tough Question! And, there’s no right answer. You can visit New Zealand at almost any time of the year. It depends on your preference and money in the end.

Basically, New Zealand has four distinct seasons – Spring (September – November), Summer (December – February), Autumn/Fall (March – May) and Winter (June – August).

If you are on a budget, it’s probably best to travel during the low season which is Winter. Most hostels have special promotion during this period. And, of course the most expensive will be Summer.

Winter would be a nice time to travel coz it’s less crowded and if you want to try your hand at skiing and snowboarding if you have not tried that already.

In summer, there are lots of activities around such as tramping, hiking, or activities near the water like rafting, snorkelling, diving and kayaking. And, you won’t freeze!

Any rental motorhome that you can recommend in New Zealand?

Yes, I have personally done a trip with Gateway Motorhome. It’s highly recommended.

They have excellent customer service from pre, during, and post-travel.

I rented their 4 berth motorhome somewhere around July/August 2011. The pickup was at Christchurch airport. Rachel, their Christchurch branch’s staff was there not only on time but waited with me for the arrival of my parents. (p/s: I came up from Dunedin). Without any complaint, she waited with me nearly over an hour plus for them to come out of the arrival terminal.

Anyway, Rachel has made our rental a swift. We went over to the motorhome and she went through all necessary instruction and manual with us. She entertain all our questions with patience and courtesy. I couldn’t have asked more. She is the best!

The motorhome was in an excellent condition, never ever gave us any problem except the shower and the toilet. The water after showers don’t go out fully. So, we tend to need to use a towel to dry it up. And, the toilet was really not meant for regular use. We aren’t aware of it until it overflow even though the indication still indicates that it’s at a low-level. But, no biggy. It was not a big problem.

And, the return of the motorhome was an experience too. We were in fact, suppose to return our motorhome on the day of the heavy snowstorm in Christchurch. And, Rachel couldn’t come and pick up the motorhome. And, I couldn’t get her. So, I called their HQ. They assured me everything is ok and I can just leave the motorhome at the long-term parking. Left as instructed and no hiccups at all. Great overall service. Lovely!

I highly recommend their services. And, if you do see Rachel. Say hai for me.

My recommended things to do in South Island.

Wow! Where do I even start?

– Go tramping/walking/hiking at any of the National Park

– Go kayaking at the Abel Tasman

– Walk the Glacier (Franz Josef Glacier Hike)

Bungy Jump in Queenstown

– Go camping

– See the Yellow Eyed Penguins on the Otago Peninsula

Whale Watching in Kaikoura

– See the Seal Colony is Kaikoura

– Visit the Moeraki Boulder

– Experience the magnificient Mount Cook

– See the beautiful Lake Tekapo and try the farm salmon

– Do the Milford Sound Cruise

– Cycling at the Otago Central Rail Trail

– Visit Vineyard

– Take the ferry from Picton to Wellington


These are the highly recommended as well which I have yet to do due to time and money constraint:

– Visit the Stewart Island

– SkyDive

– Doubtful Sound

– Do the Jetboat Ride


Will be adding more information to this post once I think of more.

Or you can ask away!


What do you think?

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