Surgery Done!

Finally had my surgery after waiting for almost half a year.  Had the surgery yesterday at Timberland Hospital. I think the surgery went pretty well. No complication. So, that got to be a good sign, right?

I got discharged immediately that evening. Well, mainly because I insisted on it. I just do not want to stay in the hospital.  I hated the environment and I think psychologically it’s not even helpful for recovery.

So, by 10pm, my parents brought me home. However, the car motion was not exactly pleasant for my condition. I vomited quite a few times on the way home. But, all good once I reach home. It was good to be in my bed than the hard hospital bed.

I won’t know the result of my surgery until probably next week. But, I’m positive. Even if it aren’t what I expected, I won’t be disappointed nor have regrets.

I am actually quite happy to have reach this point of my life where I no longer have regrets. I believed I had tried living the life I want to live so the regrets no longer exists. Maybe, I’ll talk more about this in my next post.

I guess I better go rest now.


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