This Is How I Travel!

I think that everyone see travel in a different light and obviously doing it differently. However, the irony of this whole travel concept is when someone think there’s just one way of doing it. And, the misconception that their ways is the right and only way to having a good travel. So, what is travel?

Is a traveller equal tourist? Or is a tourist, a traveller? It’s such a huge debatable concept of who’s actually doing the authentic travel? Who’s right? And, who’s wrong? Sigh! I feel like we are arguing a never-ending debate of the problem of nurture vs nature and the chick or the egg first theory?  The point is there are so many type of travellers on the road nowadays and at many times, it’s a mixed of everything.  So, why care who is doing it right? Who’s doing it wrong? Why do we need to put it into a box? The point is we all learn something when we are on the road.

In this post, I just want to share with you the way I travel, in the hope that this will make you understand this blog and me slightly better.  I don’t care the category that you  put me into whether I’m just a tourist, a wanderer, the expat, the long vacationers, the backpacker, the nomad, etc. The main thing is as long as I am travelling, and as long as my body allows me to; I am happy. That’s important to me. Be Happy!

So, how do I Travel?

It really depends on where I’m going. I’m mostly a budget backpacker. But, at times, when I can afford it, I don’t mind spending a bit more for the comfort of myself.  I have nothing against some decent luxury. Why not, right? If it is done right and for the right reason. I think I deserve it.

I mostly try to mix my travel style every now and then. I think partly my fear of routine gets to me quite often, that is why I need the constant challenge irrespective that I’m on the road or back home. Other than that, I absolutely enjoy camping on beaches and parks. I also enjoy both cooking in the hostel or eating in the street.  And, one thing I never miss doing when travelling is trying out local food.

Despite whatever other travellers many say, I do read guidebooks or do research before a trip. However, I do not rely on it. I like to leave things open-ended. I usually will have a booking or at least one accommodation contact to get me through the first night with a very loose outline, a starting point but a tentative finishing point. I like to let the plan take shape on its own. And, yes, I do carry guidebook especially in places where I don’t speak their first language. It is helpful.

What kind of traveller am I?

I am neither a strict solo traveller nor coupled traveller. I have no problem travelling alone but, I think ultimately I would prefer to have a partner travelling with me. I think the advantage of having a partner to travel with you is that you don’t always have to be engaged in pointless empty talk with strangers or fellow travellers. And, travelling in twos tend to keep cost lower and more affordable than one. I want to enjoy sharing the experiences with someone. Things we can reflect on one day. Of course not forgetting, on a bad hair day, we have each other to lean on.

When I do travel alone, I don’t like being in a group. If at most, another person/backpacker that get along and want to travel together for a bit. I embrace the anonymity most of the times. I like to tuck into my little corner, quietly watch the world go by, and not have to engage in small talk. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy to socialized once I get to the destination. The advantage of travelling alone makes you rely only on yourself. It gives you a chance to be independent, overcome fear and learn more about yourself.

Why I travel?

I travel for the experience like most people. I love the feeling of being in a new place and feeling lost. I’m addicted to new experiences. Well, another thing that I do know is during each travel, travel actually changes me. I am constantly discovering, reinventing, embracing, and learning about myself. I always find the better person in me. I learn more and more about others and experience my place in this world.

 What I have learnt from my travel?

I realised that I am much more tolerant now when things goes wrong. I don’t freak out as much. I have learned to accept that when things goes wrong, and it will be and still is ok. And, fortunately for me, most of the time when something went wrong, there’s seem to always be a silver lining on the other end.

Travel isn’t just about ticking the checklist for me. I just do not know how to better explain myself than I just love doing it. Does it make sense to you if I said that travel makes me feel alive? Whenever I travel, I felt as if my soul is smiling and dancing with me too. And, that never ever happened when I am working or when I’m stationary in a place. Travel always inspires and surprises me.

But, most importantly, I always need to remind myself to “Embrace the moment”.


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  1. Touristtips says:

    I like it when you said that when you travel you live it open ended, that is the real thrill of travelling. We travel not because we know everything but the place but for the glory of the unknown that brings.

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