What Now?

What now? I am not sure actually.

If I were to listen to my heart and obviously if money is not a problem. I’ll just go off travelling now. This instance, of coz. LOL! But, life is never as easy as I wish it could be.

Well, things can change if I win LOTTO now. Or, maybe I have a rich distance relative that decided to leave his/her whole inheritance to me. Or, perhaps I will stumble upon a bag full of money. Wishful, wishful thinking. Oh, come on…what’s the fun to life without a bit of imagination?

Let’s see ….. after having a massive amount of time in hand doing nothing. I have decided that I should use the bit of my brain cells that’s left to think what would be the next move. And, the below is what I have come up with ….

  1. Travel – Duuhh!!
  2. Work — As expected by everyone else! I’m reluctant BUT (yes, there’s a but) if I managed to find something that my heart would be happy doing, I will then stay for sometime until things starts to become a routine. Wow! — How more arrogant can I be? — My defense is that we can only achieve at our fullest potential when we are following our heart and doing what we desire most. In other word, Be True to Yourself!
  3. Masters? — I just might. I’m not sure yet. I think if I have travelled a bit more. I might go and do a Masters. However, I do fear the Thesis Writing part. LOL! Can I write the way I blog? That might help~! Am thinking of doing this in Europe. What do you think?
  4. Move to China —- Yup! You heard me correctly. I was thinking to head to China to take up a Chinese course. I would really want to improve on my Chinese. Kind of feel sad that even though being a half or a quarter Chinese, my Chinese sucks…
  5. Live on Social Welfare? —– Unfortunately, I do not have such privileges. LOL! Probably, I can live on my parents. (Mum, if you are reading this — I’m just kidding!)
  6. Marriage? —— Any RICH, SMART, HANDSOME, YOUNG MAN out there interested?

So, there you are. After exhausting all my options, I’m back to the good old, “I’m Not Sure Yet”!

p/s: Who said it get easier as you aged?

What do you think?

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