After so long….

For some odd time, I really did not know what to write. I had too much things going on in a short period of the last few months. Something great, some good, some not too bad and some, perhaps were really bad.

I lost the insight to write. Before the last few months, everything were going reasonably well. Then, it started going downhill. Did I choose to make it so? I doubt it. Alot of times, things happened without me asking for it. I had plans, I had goals and now, I don’t know anymore. Everything seems so blurred. Nothing seems to make no sense anymore. At times, I felt as if I have lost everything. Even for the things that I strongly believed in or at least I thought I believed in.

At times, it felt as if I am losing the reality. I don’t know what is real nor what is not real anymore in my life. It felt as if I am so alone. Alone with my own thoughts. All I have was my inner voice that is constantly talking and harrasing me. The voice just wouldn’t stop.

I don’t know anymore ……………


What do you think?

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