Last examination of my uni’s years!

Pheeww! I am finished. I mean finishing university, of course.

I just sat for my last examination (Anthropology 210) this afternoon. I was sitting outside the examination hall 1/2 hour before examination and was thinking to myself that I’m really finishing up my studies. It really didn’t feel that long. I mean it felt like I had just arrived 2 months ago and had my first examination panic attack and now I’m having my last.

Gulp! Where had the time gone to? I guess when you are enjoying what you are doing, time passes in a breeze. Lot’s of friends were congratulating me and asking me if I’m excited? Honestly, not really! Not yet, I guess!

Why not?

Well — firstly, I have too many things that is going on in my life now such as — now since, I have finished my examination. I need to start applying for my work visa. That’s a hassle. Then, the job hunting process – that’s a drag too coz I’ve not had any interview practice for some time now. Not sure how would I do. I never had interview panic attack back home so hopefully, it will be the same here too. This of coz followed by me needing to settle my PTPTN loan back home and I’m sure I’ll get it all settled by end of July, latest. The Properties back home need to be deal with as well. Followed by, mum coming over to NZ – – Yup, I’m panicking! Why? Because I’ve not been around mum for more than 2 weeks since a long long long time. I hope there won’t be any mother & daughter arguments since we are going to be living in a small campervan for a whole month. Gosh! Imagine the tornado if it hits! (Figure of speech!) anyway…………….Then, finally reviewing my results and HOPEFULLY, finger-crossed — Graduation in August!

Last but not least, which I am dreading and trying to avoid with all my power is seeing the doctor. I need to get another biopsy done. I hope and I’m wishing it to go away. Sigh! Do you think it will work? — I know – it’s childish of me. But, who knows…I might disappeared down into the rabbit hole and everything will be wonderfully magically alright.

I’m still a child at heart. A child who never ever wants to grow up. I want to forever be like Huckleberry Finn. So, don’t you go try to civilize me. I won’t give in. Hai-ya! (**Pretending to do a sword fight!**)



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