Need Study Tips?

Ask yourself this…

Is the way of studying now enjoyable for you? Are you making it fun for you? This is important because if you are having fun in studying or in whatever you are doing, only then it will be registered in your long term memory.

The next question to ask, is if what you are doing is measurable? How do you know if you have done enough?

Therefore, you need to come up with your own system or your own way that would work for you. What would be your focus and what’s in for you if you complete it?

Always remember that only when you enjoy it then you will make study fun and easy, however if you have only Fear, then it becomes a deterrent to yourself. Making it harder for you.

Few good ideas in getting a head start in studying is to create a system to work for you as everyone have their own ways. Nonetheless, this would be the bases….

Give yourself a Prior Exposure to what you will be studying in the next lecture or even before you start a new course. Look at the big topic that would be used in your next class, start googling and get an overview.

You can also do so by getting an overview from your textbook. You don’t necessary have to go thru the whole chapter to get the essence of the topic. Read the main topic (the heading), then, look at the questions that are presented at the back of the chapter. Or look at past year questions are are relevant to that chapter.

Have an overview and guess the most likely questions. Armed yourself with these questions in mind and go to class. During lecture, start scribbling/jotting down your personal notes on how you can answer those questions that you had viewed beforehand.

So, how do make yourself remember all these details? Again, everyone have their own ways, so you need to find what works for you.


We tend to remember things that are exaggerated.
Or something that are humorous.
The use of visual aids
or even Games

Use a variety of studying techniques to see which work best for you.
Of course, you will need to track your progress as well.
And, Reflect on you thinking. Don’t just plainly read through whatever you have but reflect on it and question yourself.

Review past year questions
Look for a trend or similarity and Focus on those
Try answering them and Review back your answer each time you go thru your answers that you had prepared. Keep reviewing your answers and as you go along you can add new information that you find relevant. Go Review it at least 5-8 times so that it will stay in your long term memory.

Of course, after a long day of hard work. Reward yourself. Example: If you would want to go out with your friend tonight at 8.30pm. Then, set yourself to study for an hour before that and reward yourself by going out.

Remember to record your progress so that you know what to focus on in your next study.


So now…you have the bases….prepare yourself and your surrounding.

1. Stay Hydrated. (Non-Caffeine or Nothing in High- Sugar contained)

2. Have the Right Attitude
– Remember to have fun while studying
Don’t be stress out if you fail. But, keep trying and figure out what you might have done wrong
Always reflect on your thinking

3. Have a personal space where you can associate with study. And, only study. Nothing else.

4. The knowledge is not separated from you. So, make sure you interact with knowledge. How?
– E.g: If you are a kine static person, you might want to visualise and feel the knowledge.

5. Setting Goals (Realistic Goals, of course)
– Make sure it’s timed and it also has a timeline.

6. Have lots of Oxygen – A comfortable place where you can breath properly.

7. At times, certain type of music that can put you into your alpha state where you can concentrate. (This is not for everybody, though)

8. Visualisation of the “Completion Stage”.
– Visualise how you would feel and what would you have achieve from it.

9. Taste
– This is the stage where it’s link to the above. You visualise and make yourself taste it.
– You do twice – once from the Past. From your Past experience when you accomplish something. How did you feel?
– Then, do it for the Future (Visualise the future you would want or feeling of the best of it)

10. Lastly, Shut the World Out!
– If you are to study that 2 hours. Make sure everything else is far away from you thought. No thinking of Facebook, No thinking what’s for dinner, Don’t think of the argument you just had with someone….Just remember it’s your time. Your Study Time.

**Just REPEAT the above whole process again when you feel like you’re falling back to the old habits and repeat the above steps.

***Learn to shut down your mind before sleep. There’s a reason why they said “Have your BEAUTY SLEEP!”



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