thought of the day: Life – in my perspective!

Whether we acknowledged it or not – but life is thrown to us. No preparation, no guideline, no overview and no time frame.

It starts with you. You set your guideline, you set your overview, some preparation and again you have no control of your time frame.

What’s funny with me is that I don’t even have the intention to set the overview. At times, I understand that it will make me feel even more lost than I’m already am. Weirdly enough with being lost, the outcome seems to usually turn out even better than I expected.

Some may say I’m lucky…well, perhaps I am. But, I don’t feel that lucky most of the times.

Nonetheless, I feel fortunate
– for who I am today,
– for the chance I had,
– for the people in my life
– for those who believe in me and love me.

Life is about all the choices you made in the end.

You were given a plain white sheet of paper and your parents gives you all the colors. The luckier one might have even more colors and sparkles.

But, it’s your choice and creativity to choose how you want to paint it or just throw it away. So, there will never be two paintings that are the same. Even, if you imitate it will still be different. So, why imitate…..

Be your own Picasso, Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci!

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?
– Vincent van Gogh


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