My Layover in Auckland on the way back from Cook Islands to Dunedin

I had about 8 hours layover time in Auckland. It’s just doesn’t make sense to hang out in the airport as there are very little to do and I’ve not fully seen Auckland yet. So, thought might as well, I’ll head down to the city. Luckily enough for me, the Airbus Express which is the airport shuttle operates 24 hours. So, I managed to get on the 5.15am bus down to town. Oh, it’s always cheaper to buy a return.

I reached the ferry terminal in Auckland exactly at 6am. Cloudy, quiet except for some party-goers on their way home and some heading to work, as well. The city is pretty much dead at this time. Stroll around a bit to take some photos and was hunting for an eatery. Which was an impossible task in Auckland central at this hour. Gosh! Finally, we found Denny’s which apprently operates 24 hours. Denny’s felt like a American Diner somehow. I wasn’t keen it at first. But, that’s the only place we found. What choice do I have. So, in we go and tried out their breakfast menu.

I had their Bacon Benny. And, wow……it’s a huge meal. It’s surprisingly tasty too. Or maybe I was just too hungry. Anyway, after the huge breakfast, we were just so damn sleepy. I seriously can’t keep my eyes open anymore. And, I hardly catch any sleep in the plane earlier as well. My friend suggested to head over to Albert Park to chill abit. So, we made our way there.

And, once I lay myself on the grass. I fell asleep. I slept on the grass in a public park. Can you believe that? But, it was so cosy and I even felt safe. Woke up around 9am when the sun was shining right on my eyes. Yet, nothing unusual to the rest of the world. LOL! We had a good laugh when we got up. Interesting day it had already turn out to be.

We strolled around the park after we woke up and also had a look at the Auckland University area. Somehow, I’m just so glad I went to University of Otago. Away from all this busyness. Oh, did I mentioned how the city just suddenly come to life after 9am. It was interesting to see this.

Decide to do abit of shopping, unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything interesting or at least my size so to speak. But, I managed to get some postcards before leaving.

Left the city and back to the airport for my next flight.
Can’t wait for the next holiday if I have the budget… =P


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