The Joy of Receiving Mails in the Letter Box

What’s better than waking up in the morning and getting ” mails” in your letter box and a cup of tea in the other?

I am sadden by the fact that mailing through letter box is a dying form of communication. In such modernity, development had change such a simple thing like letter box to something that everyone hate.

No one wants to get bills or just unpleasant newsletter that everyone don’t care. No one takes the effort to write anymore. It is a vanishing art. Sometimes, I wondered, is it really that hard to pick up a pen and just write?

I still enjoy every much the art of writing letters and postcards. Stamped it and go to the mail box to mail it. I like that personal feeling and emotions that get attached to it. Giving you a mysterious feeling of when would your mail arrive on the other side? Even if it got lost, it always make me wondered – where to?

When you write, you actually really take your time. You will realised that your heart beat slowed down. You would then, take a deep breath and clear your mind. Now, what should I write?

I am really one of those who check the letter box constantly –secretly hoping for a little note from someone, from somebody and just anybody. Like everybody else, I don’t like bills either. Nonetheless, it’s unavoidable. Sigh!

How I wish more people would write and enjoy the simple pleasure and joy from writing and receiving letters and postcards.

Oh, well…wishful thinking, I guess…..

What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. ~Author Unknown


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