Something interesting happened today!

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I was lazy today. So, decided to drive to the uni. But, I couldn’t get any parking new the lecture hall that I’m supposed to go to. I kept driving a few rounds and turned into the road beside Logan Park. Anyway, the funny thing was I was going to be late if I don’t find a parking soon. Stressful!! Arghhh! And, I was going slightly faster than the speed limit.

So, I was turning towards Dundas St. to make the round back to the Education College area when an ARMED lady police officer was walking on the street with what looks like an assault rifle. Scary! She was walking slowly towards me.

And, the first thing that came to my mind was, “it can’t be me, right?” LOL! I know, it’s stupid to think that way but it was the first reaction that came to my head and I was kind of speeding. LOL! The “fear” reaction from breaking the law. LOL!

Anyway, she came to me and told me that the road is blocked and I have to turn around and go the other way that I came from. I’m like…oh…ok…..So, I turned and left. I didn’t gave it much thought because I was almost late for class.

But, the news was in ODT titled “ARMED POLICE CORDON OFF DUNEDIN STREET” or you can read here at 3news; “AOS ARREST AFTER ARMED STANDOFF“. I saw it on the TV3 news as well saying that armed forces was at one of the student flat. Weird! Student’s flat?? Hmmm!

Oh, well….I guess it was interesting to actually see a policewoman with an assault rifle. Scary! And, now thinking about it, I should have taken her photo. Damn!

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