The secret of getting what you want !

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I used to hate reading or hearing those people who are just way too positive in life. It is just ridiculous listening to them when you don’t feel positive. I always – in my head was saying, “how do you know how I feel or what I am going thru. Things seems to go all so well for you. How would you understand?”.

But, I know now where they are coming from. Well, at least the genuine one. I can tell you now that I was there at the lowest point, lost, I hated myself, not knowing what to do, felt like the world are against me and life was just unfair.

However, the problem was just me! It is as simple as that. And, the irony of the whole situation was that; the answer was there all along. It is because we chose not to see it. As for me, I knew I have to somehow free myself. And, no one can do it for me but me. Everyone else can be there to advice or even try to help. But, seriously no changes would happen unless I make it happen.

It is NO magic. It is not even the LAW OF ATTRACTION as some of the proclaimed motivators out there would put it. It is just really simple Logic of Life. It is just rational elements.

Let me make it simple. What I am trying to say, the secret of getting what you want is to do what your heart most desire and what makes you happy. It is really a simple as that. How so? Let me try to explain on how you can identify it:

Scenario based on me:

I was unhappy and frustrated!

What was I unhappy about? – I was unhappy with everything in Malaysia. I don’t like the lifestyle. I don’t like how certain things are done back home. [Don’t get me wrong, my home is still Malaysia. No doubt about it but, I’m just not meant to be there. And, I knew it since like forever.]

What can I do about it? – When I was back in Malaysia, I was considering here and there and trying to find all options to make myself happy in Malaysia. – [Typical generalisation of what happiness is: Work hard, make money, buy stuffs (properties, latest gadgets, clothings, etc, basically this what consumer culture want us to behave), or strive to enter the higher class realms]. But, nothing works for me. I was still unhappy.

Again, I was looking for options. At this point, my only chance was to leave Malaysia and see what happened. I never say that my happiness is out there. But, maybe, just maybe if I leave, I will see what is missing back home. That was my intention.

So, I left. And, I guess doing it through education was the easiest option. And, it was my intention to further my studies. So, here I am today. I was introduced to a whole new world from what I know back home. And, please don’t get me wrong again, I am not saying that everything else oversea is better than Malaysia. It is not. Trust me. There are pros and cons in every country. And, being in New Zealand make me realised that Malaysia was a great place to live in. We are living much more well off than alot of the typical Kiwi’s. Unfortunately, the tradition and certain religion is not for me back home. I wish things was different.

What I am trying to explain is that once I left, I got that freedom that I couldn’t get in Malaysia. I can’t exactly explain this to you. And, I am glad that I could break away from the Malaysian society expectations which was not something for me either. And, with this break through. I found my happiness. And, when you are free and happy, you tend to do whatever your heart desire. With doing what your heart desire, you would get what your heart truly wants. So, it’s NOT MAGIC. It is just clearly logic.

Last but not least, my two cents for you – who are reading this is to follow your heart. That is all the magic you need.

“Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.”


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