The Birthday Celebration!

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Since yesterday was the University International Food Festival, so, I had my so called “birthday dinner” there with lots of friends wishing me birthday wishes. Which was cool but am embarrased when they started shouting so loudly that it’s my birthday and start singing birthday song. But, overall it was good. Even, went one round on the tiny Ferris Wheel in the Uni. LOL! Seems like it’s a massive celebration for me. LOL!
However, I do feel that the food at International Food Fair this year was  not as tasty as last year. I don’t know – I guess students’ cooking varies. But, I would give a 5 stars for all the efforts. Work well done.
Hopefully, there would be even more wide varieties for next year.
Anyway, I even received a beautiful bouquet of white roses all the way from Malaysia. You know who you are! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! It’s really beautiful. I hope you didn’t spend too much on this.
Today, I had another lovely birthday dinner at the Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine which was just fantastic. It’s really yummy and price was really reasonable.
I am definitely recommending it to everyone else. I love it there. Would surely go back for more..
Well, to be honest, I didn’t expect much for my birthday and thinking of just having a quiet one. But, I guess it was far from quiet. =) It is just the way it unfolded.
And, Thank you so much to everyone who left such wonderful words of birthday wishes, birthday text, birthday presents, even birthday calls! I am overwhelmed. I was taken by surprise, really didn’t expect to receive so many messages. But, I’m glad you all did, because of you all, I felt loved and blessed.
So, I am ending this post with a gratitude list:
I am grateful:
  1. to be alive
  2. to be free
  3. to have my parents who constantly love me and being there for me
  4. to have all of you who remembered me on my birthday
  5. that you are all part of my life
  6. for the morning breeze
  7. for the bad, good, horrible, fantastic experience in my life
  8. to be where I am today
  9. to be loved
  10. for my life
I am blessed! And grateful  for a life abundant and the opportunity to appreciate it. So, thank you for being part of my life.

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