[copied from My Old Post at Blogger.com]

Wow! I am officially 29 today. Do I feel the same? Ya, exactly the same without any difference. I still woke up in the morning feeling how I felt the day before. Arrghhh! It’s freezing. Damn! Why can’t the room be warmer so it would be easier for me to get up each morning before class. I still go to the kitchen and turn on the kettle to make my morning cup of tea. Then, return to my bedroom to get ready to go to my early morning class. So, what change? Nothing! Except that on paper, I am now 1 year older and am 29 years of age. Hmmmmmm!

Anyway, enough with the drama and making it sound like it’s horrible. Because it’s not horrible. How can it be horrible if nothing happens? Well, my point is, your day starts with the way you want it to be. Good or bad, boring or exciting, crazy or dull, it’s your choice. And, I start my day today feeling nothing. LOL!

Oh well, I do want to take this opportunity to thank KOWA, ALVEN & MATT for their earliest greetings. Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. It’s nice waking up to a nice greetings and be reminded that I am loved. Muaks!

And, yup, 1st photo of the 365 days photography project has been uploaded.


You have a great day!


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