My first time skiing!

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Goal Accomplished!

Yay!!! I finally did it. Crossing it from my 30 things to do before 30. Yes! Yes! Yes!

I can’t believe it. At last after being in New Zealand for 1 year plus. I finally get to do it. It was just crazy seeing heavy snow for the first time. I seriously cannot explain the thrill I felt. I felt like a kid.

I really love skiing. I thought at first, it might be one of those thing that I would try then realised I hated it. But, I love it..I love it..I love it..I really wish and hope I’ll go back and do some more.

I did the beginner’s package and was taught by one of the ski’s instructor in Cadrona, David. He was really patient and keep pushing and helping us to get it. Which was really cool. I felt really comfortable and was in fact, enjoying it. I do wish that I would take more risk. Truthfully, even the falling down was fun.

I did a 2 hours lesson in the morning and another 2 hours in the afternoon. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go on the lift to get to the top because of the weather. The visibility was really bad in the afternoon. So, we just remain at the snowbase to practice and learn new techniques. I get to ski with the ski poles and without it which was lots of fun too. Scary at times but fun!

Gosh, you should see the kids who were learning to ski there. They just look so natural. And, so adorable. Wish I could have done it when I was younger. But, come on, at least I get to do it now, right! Oh, did I mentioned when I was trying on the ski boots. God! I walked like a terminator. LOL! And, heavy. But, the thing is once you set your boots to the ski, it felt so natural and easy.

At the end of the day, my toes was hurting and I was tired. Gosh! I forgot to mention. I didn’t catch any sleep the night before because there was a guy in the same room that snore like a cow. I think I would have gotten up and wanted to suffocate him. Sigh!

But, I was just too tired and I gathered my pillow and the blanket and went out to sleep on the sofa in the lounge. I only managed to catch like an hour of sleep and I got to get up already to get ready to go to Cadrona. The bus leave at 7.15am from Queenstown. And, I was already starting to get a migraine. Thank goodness, I had aspirin and it didn’t bother me while skiing until when I was on the way back down to Queenstown. I was so tired and fall asleep in the bus and the migraine got so bad when I woke up.

So, it was really a mix feeling kind of trip. I was happy and had fun but, the migraine and sleepless night before just didn’t help too much. But, I’m still thrilled.

So, the morning after…… arms was just sore. But, it’s not putting me off from skiing. I’m so going back for another round. Can’t wait. Yay! I’m the snow bunny! LOL!

Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads. ~Author Unknown


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