I do??!! I don’t??!!

I have never really consider to get married or to be married in the near future, at least not with my current mindset. I didn’t want to be married and it is my choice, and marriage wasn’t something that pulled at me. Majority of my friends have gotten married and started having children or in the process of getting married, while I am pursuing this study of mine and crazily hunting for that dream career and life that I want.

Plus, I did have the chance to be married if I want to, so ……don’t stigmatize me.

Perhaps, it is part of your dream to be married and I’m truly happy for you but, it is just not for me. At least not at this point of time, to be married now just didn’t make any sense. I live a different life. I have always been like that, I guess.

I am as normal as anyone else. I did dream of being a bride but, I was asking myself, is being a bride for a day more important than finding myself. I guess it’s not. I guess the idea of marriage would take on one day in me. I guess it’s just not now. And, I’m not even a bit worried. So, stop worrying for me.

And, perhaps I would have one of those moments of clarity where all questions and debates just fall away. When the direction is clear: that I am ready,and it would be time to be married and to start my own family. Or perhaps, I would even opt for being a single mother. Perhaps, it would be the right thing for me. I don’t know just yet. If that day do come, please don’t stigmatize me; it is my choice! And, I am happy with it.

My idea of happiness has always been different from everyone else. But, remember it is ok by my book because in the end, it is about my happiness. It is not about living other’s expectations. That is what I am trying to accomplish every single day reminding myself to live my life.

“Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.”
– Sex and the City


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