Why I went back to school?

Was I born weirder than everyone else? Perhaps not. I was born with the love of wanting to know the dynamic of human relation. One thing for sure, I did not understand me at all. Everyone around me grew up wanting to be a doctor, an engineer, a manager or some kind of a career that have some kind of concrete future lay out for them. But, I didn’t. I was day dreaming of why human act the way they act. So, when it comes to talking about observation. It is usually my strongest skill. I never knew it as a skill. People around me tend to ask me, how I know. I usually just say I just know. It is not becoz I am some kind of psychic. It is just merely based on a certain skill of observation I have, it built up over time and it becomes accurate most of the time.

I would say human behaviour have the greatest mystery of all. All those emotions.  All those words within words. Conscious vs the sub-conscious mind. Having the mind making us the smartest species that can define the right or wrong and yet, there are still so much evil in the world. Isn’t it fascinating. It’s the same mystique some people might feel about Mars or aliens. Perhaps, we are the aliens. =)

That is why, after years of pondering around – maybe it’s time for me to go back to school. So, I went back to school and stumbled into both psychology and sociology; and I just cannot tell you how much fun it is. Now I truly know what is the meaning of finding that thing that you are passionate about and everything would fall into place. I’m not saying it is the easiest thing in the world but, I’m doing it one step at a time. At time, I would hit the wall and “Ouch!” It hurts! But, because I’m passionate about it, I get myself going again.

Going back to school now, it is not exactly easy either but, at least I can just do what I always wanted to. You won’t believe that I am saying this but I just like to study. I wanted to further my studies after my BA but, financially; I am just incapable. But, I am still glad that I am at least getting this chance now. And, am grateful for the opportunities I had.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
~John Dewey


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