Last day of the Semester!

Last day of the Semester!

Wow! I can’t believe it! But, I’m almost done with another semester. Now, am just waiting to sit for exams. How did my semester went thru so fast? I felt like I haven’t even hardly got started and it’s finishing again.

So, am I looking forward to the new semester? Well, it’s a YES and NO. ‘YES’, I’m excited for the new lectures to start and new things to learn. ‘NO’, I felt like another semester will be gone again without me realizing it. I still want to carry on studying. I’m actually really keen to do a postgrad or honors but I just can’t afford it.


At times, I really felt I am so trapped in Weber’s idea of class stratification. I know mobility is possible but, it’s just not easy at all.

Hmmmmm! When will I win a lotto?? —Wishful thinking!

Oh, well..I really got to grasp on to myself and the present. Try to enjoy and appreciate whatever I have now.

I am privilege to be able to come back and further my studies now because I really learn to appreciate it more than ever. However, I sure wish I could turn back time and did this earlier. But, then again everything that had happened was because of the choices I had and I had made, right..

Nonetheless, like I said I appreciate every moment that I’m here and I appreciate all the ‘factors’ that had got me here. Lastly, not forgetting all that whom had helped, guided and motivated me to be here. You’ll always be in my heart.


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