just a little bit more everyday …..

just a bit more everyday …..

I am discovering myself more everyday. Interestingly, when you stop looking and wondering but start breathing and take in the time that you spend day in and day out. That is when you will start to understand. To get the bigger picture. Even to the smallest thing that you might have discover today will contribute to the whole wider picture of you and yourself. Sometimes the answer is just right there but we tend to overlook it because of every day’s busy-ness and desperation. This cloud our judgement and thinking.

Some small discoveries that I have made recently:

  • I love owls.
  • I enjoy history. [Surprisingly, I hate it back in high school] – Am catching up with a lot of history lessons currently.
  • I enjoy reading non-fiction comics.
  • I love OLD vintage stuffs. [example: an old typewriter]
  • My heart aches when I see living things die.

“All these” that at times we neglect to acknowledge are things that make you understand about yourself even more.

Life is a sequence of moments connected by time, space and memories. That is what made you. So, stop and breath, don’t get lost in the thousands of moments just merely passing by. So, what is our mere moments of existence? It is when you have made that moment yours. Hold on to it and cherish it. Only then, you will enjoy the contentment of the meaning of life.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. [Galileo Galilei]

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it. [Buddha]

More small discoveries !

I have really start to understand myself much more since I was in New Zealand. Especially this year, when I have the time to just do random stuffs.

Even though, all these might seem so unimportant to some but, to me…it seems like the missing puzzles that I have always been looking for to understand me and myself slightly more.

Recent small discoveries:

  • I can draw and sketch – All I need to do is to be patience and lots of practice.
  • I totally ♥ bunnies.
  • I can see, understand and criticize myself from a third person point of view.
  • I ♥ to work with my hands in handicraft, woodwork and learning new skills that need hands on skills. I am more of a practical approach person than theory approach.
  • I can cook and enjoyed cooking. I do have my mum’s skills, somewhat! (Am delighted to find out that she did in fact, pass on her good genes. LOL!)
  • I am very comfortable in being alone and don’t mind not having a companion.
  • I am even thinking that if I can ….. in the future, I would choose to adopt as well as having my own kids…. (why not? when there are so many children that need the love and support, so if I can financially afford it…I would do it…)

I realized now sometimes all the answer you are looking for is just there. You might not even have to look too far.



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