Winter ’09 Break [Reviews on Hostels] – Purple Cow, Wanaka

**When I was there in June, Purple Cow was actually part of BBH but, currently it’s owned by YHA, renamed to YHA Wanaka**

Address: 94 Brownston Street, Wanaka
Phone: +64 3 443 1880 Fax: +64 3 443 187

I am writing this review based on my experience when Purple Cow was still part of BBH.

I would say, the location of this hostel is the main attraction. The hostel is huge with nice lounge and big kitchen. They even have a mini kitchen in the 4-bunk dorm.

However, when I was here, the room was kind of smelly. Not sure if it’s always like this or because my room was full of boys. Anyway, I would say the crowd is more of youngster from 16-21 years old all heading to ski resort at that time. So, expect some noise.

My ratings out of 5 Stars!

Room Cleanliness : 
Kitchen Cleanliness : 
Value for Money: 

3 Words to describe Purple Cow – Hot Spot, Roomy & HUGE Kitchen!


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